A Great Paint for Coffee Cups

In the event you ever have wanted to paint coffee cups, tea cups, or mugs, you might have wondered if there was paint on the marketplace which will be microwave safe. Through my painting experience, I've tried different kinds of paints and have found one recently that claims to be not dishwasher safe, but microwave safe too. For more information about porcelain coffee cups, you can visit https://inq-online.com/home-accessories/cups-mugs.html.

A Great Paint for Coffee Cups

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This product is quite durable. It adheres well to various kinds of glass such as porcelain and crystal clear glass like wine glasses and martini glasses. It's extremely transparent; almost stain glass appearing when painted on clear glass.

The paint may be a bit thicker to work with rather than flow as readily as some other products. It is possible to use paint brushes or applicator bottles. If you wish to make it more opaque contemplate added a number of the ivory colored paint into the colors you have selected. This works nicely as the next color if you're using the One Stroke technique.

This paint has a different behavior than working with craft acrylic paint that is frequent. It might take some experimentation to get your technique down, however as soon as you find what methods work best for you, the final product is just wonderful. It'll have the ability to stand up to regular use.

It's very important that the instructions are followed when using this paint. The 24 hour drying period before baking is vital. If you inhale it too soon, it might cause the paint to bubble and then destroy your design. 

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