All About Knee Injury Lawsuit

A knee injury is considered a scheduled claim. A knee injury is compensated based on 220 weeks according to the schedule. The insurance company will arrive at an award of 44 weeks by dividing 220 weeks by 20%.

Typically, you are allowed to appeal the initial compensation determination for review. One example would be if you find yourself experiencing problems with depression due to the work-related injury, you may be owed higher benefits.

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If the original knee injury has contributed to peripheral trouble in your spine, this may also be worth money too. Perhaps you have sustained a previous injury to another part of the body that is scheduled, like a hand, arm, foot or leg.

A Second Injury Fund claim may entitle you to a greater award. You should never take your insurance organization's first offer. The best way to educate you about your entitlements and rights is to consult a reputable workers' comp lawyer.

Additional questions you should consider asking would be why companies act as if they can create excuses that will allow them to avoid taking any responsibility for an accident they have caused.

A great deal of time and money is spent by the insurance defense industry to create the myth that there are way too many lawsuits filed and the majority of them are frivolous.

The worst part is that these efforts by insurance companies have, in fact, ingrained these untruths in the minds of a large number of a great number of people who could end up serving on juries.

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