Different Types of Oncologists

Oncology is, at the very core, the study of cancer and the doctor who specializes in cancer treatment is called an oncologist. There are three main types of oncologists – medical, surgical and radiation.

All three work in coordination to treat cancer. You can also visit http://lincolndiagnostic.com/molecular-oncology/ to know more about the molecular lab and cancer treatments. 

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The medical oncologist specializes in treating patients using chemotherapy and other medication to kill the cancer cells and stop them from spreading and diving to other components. A surgical oncologist specializes in removing the tumor and the surrounding tissue by working on it.

What's the part of an oncologist?

The part of an oncologist is to offer complete care to your individual directly from diagnosis to therapy. He provides consultation, answers inquiries and supplies the entire path for treating cancer.


The first and foremost duty is to correctly diagnose cancer. They kind of cancer and the area of its own proliferation is examined by means of an oncologist. This implies that at they get involved with the treatment of a patient in the very first phase.


You may speak with your physician about any doubts or some other details you will need. It's your right to know what the physician has identified and what your treatment choices will be. You might even ask questions and comprehend all of the accessible facilities you've got for handling cancer.

Treatment choices

The oncologist also clarifies all of the available treatment alternatives and recommends the ideal plan of action. There'll be many tests and your physician will ensure you know the outcomes and are ready for therapy.

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