How to Deal With a Fear of Flying

I'm often asked how to deal with a fear of flying. The fact is that "fear of flying" is a really broad and somewhat misleading expression. It's not so much one fear for a collection of fears, ideas and "triggers" that combine together.

As a therapist and trainer, identifying the particular "fear triggers" creates a massive difference: it means I can tailor the treatment. You can browse to know more about fear of flying courses.

The fantastic news is that any individual in ordinary mental health can do it. The question would be "How motivated will you change?"

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Here are some common problems that are often part of a fear of flying:

  • Feeling amazing while flying
  • A feeling of being "trapped" in the airplane
  • Having stress that you may have a panic attack while on board
  • Continuous and persistent thoughts about the airplane crashing
  • Having a propensity to be compulsive or suffer from obsessive
  • Feeling out of control

When contemplating how to get over the fear of flying, a highly effective means is to get excellent advice about what actually occurs during flight.

It is also helpful to understand the "external triggers" that create fear. These will be the "anchors" in the surroundings that automatically produce the feeling of fear or anxiety.

Actually, even just picturing a trigger in your mind's eye will produce a similar sensation. Once we identify these subconscious triggers, it's much easier to make a plan that works for you.

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