Is Egyptian and American Cotton The Same?

Shopping for cotton products in the United States is pretty easy as long as what you're looking for is plain Jane cotton. When you start trying to branch out and explore more exotic types of cotton, you start having issues in telling the difference between high quality products and scams. If you want to know the difference between Egyptian and American cotton, here are some tips.

The first thing you need to understand is that when you say “American cotton”, all you're referring to is the country of origin. Several different qualities of cotton are grown in the United States, so the country by itself on the label means nothing. The same is true for Egyptian cotton. Even though “Egyptian” is associated with high quality cotton products, junk cotton products are also produced in Egypt. You can read more on this at Bed Space.

When shopping for high quality cotton products, you want to look for whether the product is labeled as ELS. This means “extra long staple” in reference to cotton products. The longer fibers or the “staple” is what creates the quality of the product. The shorter the fibers, the lesser the quality is because the fabric will wear more easily over time and pill. Cotton products with longer fibers do not wear down and tear as easily as short staple cotton products.

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