Painting Over Water Damage

Water damage can be a terrible thing for anyone’s home. It can ruin lives and destroy a house if it’s not taken care of immediately. Mold and mildew can grow; it can weaken the foundation of the home and more. While the affected areas may be dryable, it will cause a gross, brown stain.

This area can’t exactly be repaired as easily as drying or sanitizing water damage, but it can be painted over and hidden. There are a few things you can do to keep the stains out of your life.

Damage Control 911 lets us know that you can completely cover the stains with paint. Of course, you should see if the area is still wet or moist. If it still is wet or damp, try to get a source of airflow or heat around it to dry it faster. After it is dry enough, feel free to paint over it.

First, you should apply primer to cover the area and make sure the brown doesn’t show through. After that, paint over it once or twice with the preferred color to match your walls. It’s pretty easy, but  you have to make sure that the leak is stopped, otherwise it will only prove to go through that paint as well.

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