The Benefits of Hemp

Hemp is often confused with Cannabis but it is certainly quite different and has a very small amount of psychoactive chemicals. This plant has recently been quite a lot in news due to increasing awareness about its use in cancer treatment.

There are many people across the globe, which have used hemp oil to treat cancer and there are many experts, who swear by the effects of this oil in cancer treatment. Apart from cancer treatment, this plant is also quite popular in the apparel industry.

Hemp oil for skin is also available in the market. It has various nourishing vitamins and moisturizing qualities which is beneficial for skin health. The fibers of this plant are employed for making an extremely comfortable fabric, which is quite similar to cotton.

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The amount of water that is required to produce hemp is half of the amount, which is utilized in cotton farming. This plant does not require a lot of water for growing and can thrive even in adverse climatic condition.

The naturally strong fibers of hemp immensely aid in making this comfortable fabric extremely durable. The clothes made of this fabric can stay in good condition for years in a row. The fibers of hemp clothing become softer after every wash but do not wear off as fast as cotton fibers do.

Hemp does not require pesticide to grow and the production process of this fabric is eco-friendly. Hemp fiber can be naturally white, grey, brown or black in color. So, the fabric made of these fibers does not require dye. However, it can be dyed in any desired color with natural or synthetic dye.

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