Traveling to Bohol from Cebu City

Bohol is also a famous City with lots of tourist destination in Visayas Region aside from Cebu City. A lot of tourist is having a Bohol tour from Cebu since most of the tourists coming from other places in the Philippines or from other countries will stop in Cebu-Mactan International Airport. This is a simple guide for every traveler out there who wants to have fun and enjoy the Bohol. 

Getting to Bohol from Cebu is very easy. Bohol is just a short ferry ride from Cebu City and you could book a ticket online or right in the Pier. Several fast crafts travel daily between Cebu City and Tagbilaran and Cebu City and Tubigon. A one-way trip aboard an Ocean Jet ferry costs around 500 PHP while a round trip ticket goes for 800 PHP ($10 and $15). Other reliable companies you can choose from your island to island trip are FastCat and Weesam Express. The trip takes approximately 2 hours but fast ferries are very comfy and sometimes have a deck to walk around and enjoy the scenery on. 

Alternatively, you can look for a travel agency to help you book for your Bohol tour from Cebu so you won’t get stressed on simple things, let the agency do the booking and the necessary things for your Bohol tour. 


Places you should visit in Bohol: 

  • Chocolate Hills in Carmen 
  • Man-made forest in Bilar 
  • Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc 
  • Loboc River (River Cruising) 
  • Bamboo Hanging Bridge in Loboc 
  • Blood Compact Shrine in Tagbilaran City 
  • Baclayon Church 
  • Alona Beach in Panglao Island 
  • Danao Adventure Park in Danao 

And a lot more places to visit actually. While there are so many beautiful places to visit, those on the list above are surely the best places to consider visiting while you’re in Bohol.

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