Unusual food trends in 2018

Meat-free foods


There is high demand for meat-free foods that taste like meat products. People are becoming conscious of the environment Understanding that today's global demand for meat is unsustainable, space and water supply being amongst the primary concerns, but this has created the new science of plant-based, meat-like products.


Now there are animal-free burgers that smell, taste and look like beef that even brown and sizzle on the grill.

Currently, Australians are searching for “vegan" more than any other nation in 2017 and 2018, we're also looking for meat alternatives, but vegans are not the number 1 trend this year.

It transpires that only a small number ever try being vegan but there is a trend of more vegetarians. It is well known Australians don't eat enough plant-based food and from an environmental and health perspective this shift looks like a positive one. It is not a case of cutting meat out of our diets entirely but very much about dietary and cultivational balance.  With the earth warming, crops are harder to grow and water harder to come by so how will it be possible to have more cattle to feed more mouths, the statistics do not add up, slowly but surely we are looking to change our habits. Click here if you are looking for a nutritionist Adelaide

Functional Foods

"Superfoods" really should be re-named as functional foods that have known, ‘evidence-based‘ benefits. Functional foods trended last year, and are here for the long-term. We have known for years that, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, bone broth and honey are good for us, but we forget, but as new research combined with social media is in our face, it has become newsworthy again and back in our consciousness.

It's not just the physical benefits of functional foods that have captured our attention. Evidence-based nutritional prescriptions will be a move away from manufactured synthetic drugs, helping nutritionist practitioners to give advice on natural food for natural health.

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