Working of Diesel Fuel Injection System

Earlier, diesel motors have been used only in heavy vehicles such as trucks, ships, etc.. They used to emit black soot along with a great deal of sound.

With the debut of digital FIS in the 1980s, diesel engines became popular in tiny vehicles such as passenger cars. You can navigate to online resources and find out more information about 7.3L Power stroke

Nowadays, diesel motors with electronic injection system are famous for high efficiency and shorter emissions. Fuel injection system (FIS) is a very important part of an internal combustion motor. Both petrol and diesel engines possess FIS and their principal aim is to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy via little explosions and gas.

Air is compressed in the room and then the gas is sprayed

In a gas engine, the atmosphere is already within the combustion chamber and can be compressed and warmed up. The gas is then injected into the room with an extremely higher pressure throughout the injectors.

Gas is sprayed via the injector

The gas, that is the causative factor of electricity to your automobile, is sprayed from the injector. Diesel motors, unlike petrol engines, don't have a spark plug to ignite the mix. It's coated with high pressure from the injectors themselves will act as a spark plug.



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